When practicing Taekwondo, we wear a dress called dobok. The little word Do carries a great significance in martial arts. In fact it stands for “the righteous way”, as in TaekwonDO, Chung DO Kwan or Dojang. The add-on “bok” means dress. Hence Dobok.

The Dobok is generally white. This color symbolizes the purity of conscience and actions and so it underlines all that is good in Taekwondo. This martial art should never be misused for anything bad.


In addition to the dobok, a Taekwondo athlete wears a belt called Ty in Korean. The latter shows the progressing level of skill and experience by the different colors. Every belt color matches a given level of skill and requires a dedicated Poomsae. Each Poomsae is a symbolic display of the newly acquired techniques.

Starting at the 10th cup until the 1st cup, one is considered to be a student.

From the 1st dan upwards a taekwondo athlete has evolved to be a master. The 10 degrees of black belts differ outwardly from one another only through their inscription.